Suspected shoplifter loses mall security along Azalea Trail

Mugshot courtesy Angelina Co Jail
Mugshot courtesy Angelina Co Jail

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Lufkin Mall security got quite a workout Thursday as they chased a suspected shoplifter along the Azalea Trail behind the mall.  They gave up and called police when they lost sight of the man who had reportedly stolen a pair of sunglasses.

Police arrived to find two other suspects being detained in the security office.  According to a police report, a security employee told police the suspects were Kevin Cook and Joseph Ledout.  She said a Mall kiosk employee witnessed Cook selling drugs to the man that fled from security.

Police said Cook was in possession of an empty prescription medication bottle for Hydrocodone.  Officers also noted that Cook appeared to be intoxicated.

At the request of mall security, both Cook and Ledout were issued Criminal Trespass Warnings which prohibit them from being on Mall property.

Ledout was escorted from the Mall, but the officer believed that Cook, 18, due to his apparent intoxication could be a danger to himself, or others, if released to drive a vehicle or walk down the busy streets surrounding the mall.  Furthermore, the officer did not believe Ledout was capable of responsibly handling Cook.

Cook was arrested for Public Intoxication.

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