Jerry Jones defends Dez Bryant, says debt has been paid

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Originated in the Boston Herald this week a report was out about Lufkin native and Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant and another unpaid debt. Friday on his weekly radio show on 105.3 FM Cowboys owner Jerry Jones came to Bryant's defense.

"I've got quite a bit familiarity with the details of this business that he had this week off the field," said Jones. "I would say that is the reason you have disagreements. I know firsthand that the bill was paid and accepted, so I can't say and wouldn't say any more about that."

The Boston Herald reported that Bryant is being pursued by the New-York based finance company for more than $50,000 from a $100,000 loan. Endurance Capital Fund claimed that the loan is over one year past due. This coming after Bryant recently settled two separate law suits involving loans.

ECF works with entertainers and athletes to help them buy luxury items. Earlier this year Bryant settled two lawsuits that totaled about $375,000 for unpaid debts for jewelry purchases. Jones went on to defend Bryant further.

"His maturation over the last two years has been outstanding," said Jones. "Relative to his habits with meetings, on time, timeliness, preparation and the kinds of things we were concerned about when we drafted him he's made tremendous progress."

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