New Year's twins born on different days and years

(AP) - It's the kind of story that only makes sense late on New Year's Eve or early New Year's Day.

A pair of twins is born - but not only are they NOT born on the same day, they aren't even born in the same YEAR.

Blake and Jocelyn Bear never expected their newborn twins to bring this much attention.  While the whole world got ready to say goodbye to 2011 and hello to 2012, the Bears rushed to Tampa General Hospital.

Jocelyn was in labor 26 days early.  Seven hours of labor and a c-section later Jenna and Leah said hello to their parents and a new year.

The girls are twins, but only one officially bears the Baby New Year title.  That is Leah, born one minute after midnight.  Her sister Jenna arrived couple of minutes before, making her birthday December 31, 2011.

And a similar scenario played out at a Minneapolis hospital in the waning hours of 2011 and the early hours of 2012. One twin arrived New Year's Eve - and the other New Year's Day.

Officials at Hennepin County Medical Center say the mother gave birth to a son at 6:40 p.m. on New Year's Eve - and it took nearly another six hours for baby sister to make her way into the world. She was born at 12:26 on New Year's Day.

Because of the time difference, they won't share the same birthday. But they can sure share an interesting story when they're older.

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