ETX prepare for cold weather

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - From your pipes to your cars, nothing is safe from thewinter weather.

" With the weather we have here in east Texas, you go fromthe hot, extreme heat to extreme could and both instances are tough on cars itreally just magnifies everything," said parts specialist, Dennis Atwell.

Before the freezing temperatures set in is the best time todo some extra maintenance. Or it could end up costing you.

"It's just somethingyou need to do to safe guard yourself," said Scott Smith of StricklandPlumbing.

Pipe bursts are persistent in colder weather but Scott Smithof Strickland Plumbing says they can be avoided if you take the time to managethem properly.

"Keep the pipeswrapped if they're not wrapped you need to at leave water running inside thehome. For your outside faucet you can wrap them with newspapers and plasticbags," said Smith.

According to smith making adjustments now will benefit youduring the winter cold front.

"Saves you quite abit of money not only aggravation and being without the water and waiting forsomeone to get there to fix it and repair it," said Smith.

The same can be said for cars; not taking care of them couldput you in an unfortunate circumstance.

"You need that thingto start, to get you where you need to go, you don't need to be stuck in route,"said Atwell.

To avoid being stranded on the roadside it is vital to checkyour battery and coolant levels.

Because not taking care of your car can effect more than yourwallet.

"Could cause majorengine damage could be something minor, also you're talking about time, health,your safety," said Atwell.

Winter weather is unavoidable but with a little fine tuningyou can keep it from affecting your wallet.

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