The Power Team

The Power Team has made appearances all across the United States and here in East Texas.

It is a motivational group composed of athletes who possess more than brute strength. The team gives its audiences a powerful lesson with an emphasis on the consequences of your choices. They say they try to paint a picture of alcohol and drug abuse that shows how destructive those things can be to you and your family.

The Power Team has been described as one of the most effective outreach programs in the United States. Team members use feats of physical strength like bending horseshoes and steel, crushing concrete walls and many other incredible power demonstrations to communicate their spiritual message.

Rather than promoting any one religion, the group says instead it emphasizes a relationship with Christ. They say sports is a universal language and, therefore, it is an effective tool to help teach people that they have the power to choose.

The Power Team is a non-profit organization that is funded through donations from public and private benefactors. The team consists of more than 20 of the world's strongest men and women. They say by playing on those strengths, they get a lot of people to come out who would not ordinarily come out to watch one of their shows.

It's all in an effort to get them in a neutral environment, which allows the team to then give the audience a good message.

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