Former DaVita nurse makes court appearance

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Kim Saenz is one day closer to trial. Wanda Hollingsworth is one day closer to getting some answers about her mother's death.

"We hope that we will have some closure with this," said Hollingsworth, the daughter of one of the victims. "It's been hard."

Saenz is accused of injecting 10 patients with bleach at the DaVita Dialysis Clinic, where she worked in 2008.

Five of them were killed.

Tuesday, she was back in court for a pretrial hearing.

The defense has subpoenaed a witness from a state department who contacted an attorney.

Word eventually got to the attorney general's office.

The witness's party is claiming they have exemption from testifying under certain government codes.

However Saenz's lawyer says there are negative documents indicating the DaVita clinic didn't document water samples and instructed employees not to give full disclosure.

And the defense is asking, not for public disclosure, but for the findings to be disclosed to the court.

"You know there's two sides to it, so I really just want to know what really happened," said LaFrancis Kelley, the wife of one of the victims.

The hearing is reset after the prosecution claims they weren't informed on the subject matter of the hearing.

A judge says everyone involved needs to be in the hearing before a ruling can be made on the issue.

Meanwhile, victims wait, hoping to get some answers.

"I've already forgiven whatever," Kelley said. "She may be innocent or whatever. I just feel like God is the only person that knows and it's not for me to judge."

Attorneys on both sides of this case are expecting a lengthy trial. In fact, they've already planned for about three to four weeks just for the jury selection and about a month for the trial."

"You never know, you never know," Hollingsworth said. "It's up to the jury and we'll see."

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