Board sets vote on sale of Toledo Bend water

BATON ROUGE, LA (AP) - Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's administration opposes, at least for the time being, a proposal that would sell Louisiana drinking water to Texas.

The 13-member Sabine River Authority Board is expected to vote later this month on a contract of up to 99 years duration, which would sell to private investors up to 600,000 acre-feet of fresh
water from Toledo Bend for 28 cents per thousand gallons.

Louisiana is allowed to sell up to 1 million acre-feet of the 76-mile-long reservoir, which is capable of storing about 4.5 million acre-feet of water.

If the terms are met and agreed upon, the SRA could net about $54.7 million a year.

Stephen Waguespack, Jindal's chief of staff, tells The Advocate he is reviewing the deal for the governor.

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