San Augustine County sent into state of emergency for water

SAN AUGUSTINE COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The days of boiling water may soon be over for thousands of San Augustine City and County residents.

On December 29, the county was sent into a state of emergency when a major water line broke.

San Augustine residents inconvenience by last week's major water line break, today have received an answered prayer.  

"It's a happy day. Yesterday, late, they repaired the line that has been so problematic for us," said San Augustine County Judge Samye Johnson.

"We anticipate the boil water notice to go off sometime tomorrow," said Chris Anding, Public Works Superintendent.

Pressure through the repaired 16 inch pipe was increased gradually so not to create more broken pipes underground or in homes.

Water supply tanks once empty are now full.

"Everything is back to normal now as far as water supply goes," said Anding.

Free water distribution ended today.

Now officials are hoping for reimbursements to refill county coffers.

"We're working all those channels to get reimbursements. I'm starting to hear some positive things about tat, so I won't be specific about it because it's not all done, but I believe things are going to work out the best for our county," said Johnson.

City officials know the fifty-year-old lines need replacing.
"Rule of thumb, everybody knows in this business, if you start having problems with a line, then it's just going to keep on. It may be five years from now but, you know, it's going to be, my opinion, it's going to be a problem," said Anding.

The biggest obstacle is finding the money to pay for the repairs.

Judge Johnson commends commissioners for their hard work. She's pleased state health officials assisted local restaurants with proper procedures under the circumstances so they could stay open.

Also no illnesses due to water sources have been reported.

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