Melrose Water Corp. repairing pipe forcing frequent school closures

Ray Moore, Fontaine Engineers
Ray Moore, Fontaine Engineers

The Melrose Water Corporation is facing major issues with old water pipes. Thursday, it's actually doing something about it.

For the first time in about six years, bids were open to repair a major line leading to Chireno schools.

When lines break, school is dismissed. For many residents patience is wearing thin.

"The old line we are going to replace is made out of asbestos cement. The line has been in the ground for over 40 years," said Ray Moore with Fontaine Engineers. "Then the line has been subject to cracking and rupturing and it's probably done it dozens of times over the years."

The Community Resource Group headquartered in Fayetteville, Arkansas administers the Rural Community Assistance Program that loaned the $200,000 to the water corporation, according to spokesman Mary Mann.  "It came in a matter of weeks," said Moore.

Other customers want similar improvements in their area.

Currently, Melrose customers are under two separate boil water orders.

More grant requests are a possibility.

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