Two Injured In Late Night Shooting

"We were in bed and I heard some arguing outside and then I heard a pop! a shot."

That's when Rebecca Edwards called police. She like many residents at the Arcadia Arms Apartment complex were shocked to see and hear shots ring out near their homes.

"My children were up and I made them get in the closet because [Lufkin Police] had cocked their shotguns," said Edwards. "It's the sort of thing you see on TV, but you never expect to see it in Lufkin."

Police say an argument from a Lufkin night club carried over to the apartments parking lot about 4 o'clock Saturday morning. Residents say the gunman fired about 5 shots before fleeing the scene. At least two of those shots found their mark, hitting 29-year-old Kelvin Runnels in the back and 25-year-old Duriel Walker in the face.

Though no residents were physically injured, the shooting has many residents concerned for their safety.

"My first thought was we got to get out, we got to get out," said Edwards, "because I'm trying to raise my children and this is something I just can't tolerate."

25-year-old Demarcus Jones was arrested at an area hotel this morning and charged with two counts of aggravated assault. Both victims are in stable condition and expected to recover... Hopefully these residents will be able to recover as well.