A new restaurant hopes to revamp Lufkin dining

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A fresh atmosphere, diners can expect that from a new Lufkin eatery.

Bored with too many similar options, Christy Conner decided it wastime for a change.

"We needed something different,something new here," said Christy Conner, Another Broken Egg Café, Owner andGeneral Manager.

With that in mind Conner opened Another Broken Egg Café. Hoping therestaurant's unique flare would revive mundane dining choices.

"Lufkin was ready for somethinga little classier something kind of upscale to give us more options," saidConner.

With only 18 locations nationally, the chain isn't as common as othersin the area, but Conner hopes that is just the thing to peak the interests ofcustomers.

"We started out slow but verysteady; we didn't do any advertising so all of our business has been by word ofmouth," said Conner.

With a growing following they are helping the area's economy, andproviding numerous job opportunities for local residents.

"We'll continue to hire Iexpect we'll be at about 50 employees before too long. I feel good that we'veoffered and brought these jobs to the economy here in Lufkin," said Conner.

With two weeks of business behind them, they hope to become an escapefor those ready to abandon the ordinary.

"I've had so many people say, Idon't feel like I'm in Lufkin, I feel like I'm somewhere else," said Conner.

That's the feeling Conner hopes all of her customers leave with.

The Broken Egg Cafe only has18 locations nationwide. The Lufkin location is the 4th in the state of Texas.There is one location in Austin and two in Dallas.

Conner tells us they are looking to expand to Houston and Tyler soon.

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