Parents of runaway E. TX teen couple make tearful plea

CENTER, TX (KTRE) – It is a mother's worst nightmare says Leslie Head. "We just want them to come home."  Her son, Blake Trahan, ran away with his girlfriend, Kelsie Parker, late Monday night.

The family believes they did it for love.

"They didn't want to be separated, so they're just two kids, in love, on the run. But, it's getting to the point now where it's dangerous and it's futile," said Kelly Parker, Kelsie's stepmother.

Kelsie moved to Weatherford with her mother and other three siblings, leaving her boyfriend behind in Center.  Over the Christmas break, it is believed they plotted a way to stay together. "We have been letting them see each other, just about everyday. I have no idea why what this led to," said Head.

"Blake did say that we'll be back. We just want to show everybody what we can do when we don't get our way," said Parker.

Since their disappearance, the family has camped out at the Shelby County Sheriff's department. Looking for answers and following the leads.  The family believes the pair may be getting help along the way. "These children have less than 100 dollars with them and a full tank of gas, since Tuesday. There's someone helping them somewhere," said Parker.

Authorities believe the runaways are traveling in a navy blue Dodge Caravan.  They are treating the case as runaways and as such there is little they can do.  Sheriff Newton Johnson says he has notified other agencies, such as DPS, to get as much help as they can, however, their efforts are limited.

"Sooner or later, I feel comfortable we'll track them down.  Right now, we just don't have a clue," said Sheriff Johnson.

"Not a whole lot they can do for runaways. Amber Alerts are just for abducted children. These children left on their own volition. They're just kids. They think they're grown," said Parker.

In the meantime, family members are hanging signs and looking for any clues to find the pair.  If you have any information that might help in the search, call the Shelby County Sheriff's office.

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