ETX brides flock to bridal fair

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Todayhundreds of brides to be gathered at the Lufkin Civic Center in hopes ofplanning their perfect wedding.

"It is very exciting it's kind of overwhelmingat times because there is so much to do, but I'm just excited to actually planeverything," said bride, Hanna Hutcheson.

From cakesto wedding photographers and even special center pieces the East Texas bridalfair offered all the finishing touches required for a wedding.

"They can come in today and basically plantheir wedding. Have the best vendors we could come up with and what we look foris quality," said Clyde Dickens, Owner, A-1 Party Rentals.

Withmultiple bakeries and photographers at hand, these brides had their work cutout for them.

"That's the exciting part, picking out whatyour cakes going to look like, so it's just really exciting for me," saidHutcheson.

But no weddingis complete without a groom but few care for wedding planning

"He is half of the wedding so they should comeout and participate too, that way they can have some say in what is going on,of course the woman is gunna win anyway we know that," said Dickens.

Laci Dickensmanaged to bring her fiancée along and they both had their wedding prioritiesin order.

"Justgeneral ideas, center pieces, flowers, some ideas for some cake," said LaciDickens.

"That's whatI came for, "said Charles Maraggis.

Despite thechaos of wedding planning these couples are able to make clear choices fortheir special day.

"Just pick what your favorite is, it really isabout the bride and groom, "said Dickens.

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