Nacogdoches fire officials: House fires are avoidable during the winter

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The winter cold frontis making it a priority for East Texans to stay warm inside, but staying warmoften comes at a price.

"You could loseyour home you could put your family in danger," said John Jopling of the NacogdochesFire Department.

Fireplaces are an effective way to stay warmduring the winter but there are risks if you aren't careful.

" It's coming on thattime of year we see a bunch of fireplace fires, if it's any, it's this time ofyear we see most of our fireplace fires and its usually due to carelessness,"said Jopling.

Moderate use of the fireplace is the best wayto keep your family safe.

"Make sure youdon't build a fire too big to excessive no more than you need just enough toheat you and your family," said Jopling.

Many house fires canbe put off if your house is equipped properly.

"Well make sureyou check all your fire extinguishers first before you do any burning ofanything in the house. We see quite a few incidents from people you know justcareless mistakes, people not checking their batteries," said Jopling.

"We see quite a fewincidents from people you know just careless mistakes, people not checkingtheir batteries," said Jopling.

It's also importantto practice common sense.

"Beware of candles,thermal blankets, fireworks inside the house are not a good idea," saidJopling.

Staying warm is vitalbut so is protecting your family.

"Keeping yourfamily safe and being responsible is the main thing."

The right safety measure can protect you fromthe cold and house fires," said Jopling.

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