Nacogdoches ATPE host legislative update

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Education takes centerstage at a public forum featuring candidates running for the Texas House of Representatives.  All three District 11 hopefuls explainedtheir plans for public schools and the treatment of teachers.

"The most importantsource in any population in any area has is its young people. How are we goingto better educate our young people how our youth goes is how our future goes,"said Travis Clardy.

"Well my wife was ateacher for 34 years my dad is a retired teacher, my son-in-law is a teacher,my daughter-in-law is a teacher, so I want to do thing that support ourteachers," said Incumbent  Rep.Chuck Hopson.

"My understanding isthat education is being set up to fail and so that is the biggest concern thatwe have especially with our kids going to public school," said TonySevilla.

The Association of TexasProfessional Educators sponsored the forum.

District 11 is made-up of Panola, Rusk,Cherokee, and Houston counties.

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