Hudson ISD takes part in National Mentoring Month

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - Remember that person that played an important role in your life...your mentor.

January is National Mentoring Month.

It originated over 10 years ago it was designed to inspire more mentors and youth.

2nd grade teacher Becky Cota says mentoring has made a difference in her life.

"Being mentored myself has helped me be a mentor to my students because I've seen great mentors in action," Cota said.

Cota came into the Hudson School District as a first time teacher 3 years ago, and her mentor took her under her wing.

Now, she's able to share her lessons and experiences with her students.

The district offers over 16 mentoring programs to their students, and kids say their mentors make a difference.

"It shows you what a role model is supposed to be, and it helps you shape your actions to be like that too," said 8th grader Holly Ratcliff.

Students appreciate the weekly time with a mentor.

They say the volunteers who come to visit show just how much they care.

"Makes me feel really good because he could be doing other stuff that's more important, but he decides to come help us," said 8th grader Chrissa Miller.

"He could be working or earning money, but he comes here to teach us what he does," said 8th grader Matthew Mitchell.

Mentoring has been proven to make a difference in children's lives, which is why it's a part of a nationwide initiative, declaring January as National Mentoring Month.

"They don't get that extra mentoring at home, perhaps, you know their families are busy. Both parents may work, or let's just face it, life is busy. So, to have someone take the time out of their work or take the time just out of their day to come in and let that student know we really care," said Michelle Green, Executive director for Junior Achievement.

Statistics show that mentored kids have better behavior, self-esteem, and goals in life.

"Everybody should strive to be a great mentor for friends, family, students, no matter what. And, always have a mentor for yourself, so you can always try to achieve the best," said Cota.

"thank you mentor day" will be celebrated on January 25th this year.

So remember to thank that special mentor in your life.

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