Angelina Beautiful Clean helping keep Downtown Lufkin clean

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Starting this week, thereshould be fewer butts in downtown Lufkin.

That's because AngelinaBeautiful Clean donated five new outdoor ashtrays to the city of Lufkin Main Street.The cigarette bins were purchased using a grant from the Deep East TexasCouncil of Governments and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

"A lot of newbusiness going on downtown and really just wanted to give those patrons anopportunity to properly dispose of cigarettes while they're shopping orvisiting or eating downtown ,"said Executive Director Amanda Anderson.

We're told cigarette litter accounts for30% of the trash in parks and other outdoor recreation areas.

ABCsays the ashtrays will help keep cigarette butts off the streets and reducetobacco odors.

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