Family of 6 loses Hudson-area home in fire

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A family of six lost everything they own in a house fire Wednesday morning in the Hudson area.

According to Holly Farkas, her boyfriend, William Elliot, had returned to the house on Woodlawn Circle around 6:45 a.m. after dropping off three girls. He was home with the couple's one-year-old daughter and had laid down to go to sleep when he heard a loud pop.

Elliot got up and pulled back the curtain that separated the living room from the bathroom and saw a wall of flames and got him, Farkas and his daughter out of the house.

Farkas said the house was destroyed in five minutes and that it took the Hudson Volunteer Fire Department 20 minutes to arrive.

Firefighter Chris Smith said it is believed the fire started from a space heater.

"This time of year especially we've had severalfires 3 or 4 house fires that were caused by heaters it's definitely theseason. Unfortunately I do expect to see a couple more fires this season beforewe come out of the cold weather," said firefighter Jacob Smith.

"Literally there is nothing left, all of them 4 girlslost everything, what they have is what they have on," said Farkas.

Flames engulfed the right side of the house where the 3older girls sleep. Farkas is thankful the blaze didn't spark sooner.

"We all would have been asleep right there two hours,"said Farkas.

Their home is total loss. Only a few pictures and somedirty clothes were able to be salvaged.

"You look at it and you don't know where to go fromhere," said Farkas.

With the help the community Farkas believes things willonly get better.

"Trying to be optimistic and look at it as a freshstart I guess, it's rough," said Farkas.

The family isstaying with neighbors across the street.

They are in need ofclothing.  If you want to help out, thegirls are 1, 9, 12, and 14 years old.

The girl's clothes sizes are 18 months, 8-9girls, 5-6 womens and 18 womens. Their shoe sizes are infant size 3, girls size2 and 7 and 8 in womens.

You can contact Holly Farkas as 936-635-4321.

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