Education course required for new Texas boaters

Randy Stovall, Game Warden
Randy Stovall, Game Warden

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Eighteen-year-olds and those younger who like to spend a lot of time boating on East Texas lakes and rivers will now be required to take a safety course.

This year boater education is now required for operators born after September 1, 1993.

The law became effective last year. But for sure, tickets will be handed out this year.

The special license is required for all types of watercraft, including 15 horsepower, sailboats, canoes and jet skis.

"The training and the course is very important mostly to prevent injuries, boating accidents, and mostly important, water fatalities," said Game Warden Randy Stovall. "Each year on our area lakes more and more people are getting out. It's very important that our boaters are skilled with the right tools to stay safe on the water. Not just for the safety of themselves, but everyone around them."

The course isn't hard and costs $20. You can take it online.

Instruction stresses the dangers of drinking and boating and not using a life jacket.

Go to the Texas Parks and Wildlife website to register.

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