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Pay It Forward: Scottsdale woman makes school clothes for needy kids


Wanda Crawley spends about as much time on her sewing machine as a teenager does on their cell phone.

"The last two years, I have done a little over 400 garments," Crawley said.

A former banker, of all things, Crawley has found retirement even more enriching.

"The longer I do this, the more creative I get and the more fun I have."


Twelve years ago, Crawley started making clothes in her south Scottsdale home and donating them to underprivileged kids in Scottsdale elementary schools, so they would have a worthy wardrobe when they go back to class every August.

"Whatever I do, I am somewhat of a perfectionist. I don't like to see a garment with all these strings hanging on the inside they should be trimmed, the hem should be the same width all the way around so that these clothes do look like they came out of a store," Crawley said.

"You walk in and you see all these little outfits around the room and they're just darling," said Lynda Curtis, Crawley's friend.

Knowing that the cost of fabrics adds up and that Crawley's sewing machine could use a tune up, Curtis emailed CBS 5 and nominated her friend for our Pay It Forward program.

We surprised Crawley at her home with the $500 reward.

Crawley broke into tears when Curtis read the nomination letter.

This school year, most kids will sport clothes made in China.

Others will have clothes that were made in Scottsdale, with love, by Wanda Crawley.

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