Nacogdoches Co. woman paying for live wild hogs

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Most hog hunters and property owners get rid of the feral hog nuisance by a clean shot. Sheri Carson has another suggestion.

"Instead of killing 'em, hunt 'em, trap 'em, load 'em and bring them to me," Carson said.

Carson's state certified hog pen is rarely empty.

High school kids to retirees bring her hogs in exchange for cash.

"Fifty to 85 pounds is 12 cents a pound, 86-110 is 20 cents a pound, 111-210 is 35 cents a pound," she said. "And anything over 200 is 45 cents a pound. If you bring in a 212-pounder, you're gonna make $95."

With the help of hope, her daughter, the hogs are fed rations of corn until a transport trailer arrives.

Then the action begins.

The trip is provided by Hogs Gone Wild. The company processes the pork.

"It's a wholesale company," Carson said. "We hold 'em at 15 different facilities that we have in Texas and then they're shipped to various processing plants in Texas."

Then the meat is sold internationally.

"Texas Wild Boar brings premium price overseas," Carson said. "It is considered a delicacy. We cannot meet the demand."

There are more than two million wild hogs in Texas. So no shortage of the commodity is in sight.

Anyone interested in becoming a trapper or contractor should call 936-347-3245.

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