Angelina County VFDs partner to better save lives

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - "If we cannot get to the scene because we've had an accident, then we cannot save lives. And, we don't want to run over anybody going to a fire call," said Chief Steve Lumbley of Moffett Volunteer Fire Department.

That's why Lumbley says it was necessary for him and his crew to attend Saturday's training over emergency vehicle driving.

"It enables a person to know what the laws are, how the laws read, and to practice the laws, driving through intersections and responding to emergency situations," said Lumbley.

Central, Moffett, and Hudson Volunteer Fire Departments have come together to take the class. They're the first three out of 9 VFDs in Angelina County to participate.

"We're the first, so maybe this is something everybody will want to start doing," said Chief Dennis Cochran of Central Fire Department.

28 firefighters have come out, hoping to better equip themselves to save lives.

"Well, anytime you're driving an emergency vehicle, you're risking not only your life, but maybe somebody in the public. So, I'm hoping this will make the drivers that much more safer so we don't have an accident," said Cochran.

With low funding for the VFDs, Cochran says it's important that fire crews safely and effectively respond to emergencies. That way, they save lives and protect the expensive trucks.

"Being chief, that's safety, a number one priority for me that I worry about," said Cochran.

Cochran says, many times accidents can occur when motorists ignore the firefighters' presence.

"It's heavy, so it takes awhile to stop, just those people who pull out in front of us that don't pay attention to those lights and sirens," said Cochran.

Firefighters ask that all motorists pull to the right-hand side of the road when they notice a firetruck coming.

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