7-year- old born with one arm competes in Pineywoods Youth Rodeo

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - From trotting to running with the best of the best, 7-year-old Austyn Peacock may have been born with one arm but that doesn't stop herfrom doing what she loves.

"I just always wantedto ride," said Peacock.

Every weekend Austyn and her family travel all across Texascompeting in youth rodeos.

"One day she woke upand decided she wanted to ride," said her mother, Chastity Peacock

Both of Austyn's parents competed and hoped to pass theirpassion along to their child, but when they found out Austyn would be born withone arm they thought their plans would change.

"Very, very concernedwe didn't know what to do. We were afraid that people would make fun of her andshe has had a lot of hard times you know children, some adults are very mean toher," said Peacock.

At the age of 6 Austyn got serious about her hopes ofcompeting, but it was no easy task.

"I didn't know whatto do because I only had one arm or I do only have one arm. I just wanted totry my best," said Peacock.

Despite the adversity she does face she surprises everyonethe minute she starts her run.

"To know how good shedoes and she can run with the best of the kids out there having one arm it'sthe best feeling in the world. She's an inspiration to everybody," saidPeacock.

Austyn's journey is just beginning and has big hopes for thefuture.

"I'm gunna keep doingit all my life," said Peacock.

She's ready to tackle any obstacle standing in her way. Afterbeing ranked 5th in the world in barrel racing, the city of Bryan proclaimed September13th Austyn Peacock Day. Austyn was also featured in a music video for, Speedthe Band.

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