Should wearing pajama pants in public be against the law?

Most of us have a pair and love to wear them but pajama pants are now being targeted by the Caddo Parish Commission.

"If you're wearing pajama pants in the public, they should not be worn.  That's what Webster says and that's what the ordinance is going to say," said Michael Williams, District 3 Commissioner.

Williams is proposing an ordinance that will ban the wearing of pajamas in public.  Williams says the idea for the ban came from a situation inside a local store where some senior citizens thought a young man was exposing too much of himself.  "And I asked him to cover up because of those senior citizens, and because they did not respond in a positive way, I thought it was time we address this issue."

Some people disagree with the proposed ordinance and wonder how Williams will define what is considered pajamas. "They don't have a right to. They need to learn the difference between actual P.J.s and pajama bottoms, and people wearing jogging pants and stuff like that as pajama bottoms."

Williams says if the ordinance passes it will be up to police to decide what is appropriate on the streets.  He adds that this ordinance is about bringing back a sense of respect he thinks society has lost. "And I feel that the pajama garment, in its present form, is very disrespectful."

Williams is planning to introduce his ordinance at the next Caddo Parish commissioners meeting.  Back in 2007 the Parish commissioners passed an ordinance banning saggy pants.  Just last year over 45 people were charged with sagging pants in Shreveport.

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