Nacogdoches MLK festivities bridge generations

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - From a distance a parade is in sight. Up close on Nacogdoches Main Street the purpose is in full view.

In the crowd is John Morrison. He doesn't march. Instead, two kind ladies push his wheelchair.

"According to medical evaluations, I wasn't supposed to be here," Morrison said.

Cancer can't get in the way of this devoted NAACP leader to make another MLK march.

"I haven't missed one yet," Morrison said.

Morrison serves as an inspiration for others much younger and more able. He doesn't shame anyone. They do that themselves.

"We have the potential to be a powerful force, but yet we sit idle and all we (can do) is complain with no action," said Alex Evans, the SFA NAACP chapter president.

A can-do spirit does exist. Americorps members renew a vow of service.

University students across the nation, including at SFA, participate in the MLK service day.

Safety polycaps are installed at the Nacogdoches ballpark, just one of several day-long projects.

"I think it just really speaks to the kind of caliber of our students and their willingness to give back to their community," said Jamie Bouldin, the SFA assistant director for leadership and service.

Even Morrison, as weak as he is, is working toward a recognition of the Nacogdoches NAACP founder, Arthur Weaver.

"We thought it wold be appropriate to name Lucas Street, Arthur Weaver Blvd," Morrison said.

Future generations are learning the lessons of Martin Luther King are followed, recognized and valued.

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