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'Vandals gone wild' video sparks outcry


It's the "Vandals gone wild" video making its way around the Internet.

A YouTube video of the mayhem caused by several young men was released over the weekend.

The video shows the men crashing, jumping and falling into merchandise display cases at several unsuspecting stores, some of them believed to be in the metro Phoenix area.

"It's a shame kids are so bad nowadays," said Pauline Bonet, of Glendale. "There's no respect for anything or anybody or anybody's property."

CBS 5 News showed the video to Chuck Davis, owner of the Grocery Outlet in Glendale.

He said that he's never had a problem with anyone knocking over his displays but told CBS 5 News that it still makes him mad to think some teenagers would recklessly destroy property just for the fun of it.

"It's not only damage to merchandise, it's hours used to put it back together," said Davis. "It's labor. They're stealing from the store is what they're doing. They're stealing time."

One of the vandals can be seen sticking out his arm and knocking as much merchandise over as possible.

It's hard to tell from the video exactly which stores were targeted, but you can get a pretty good look at the vandals themselves.

In fact, one of them is wearing an ASU sweatshirt.

The video ends with one of the vandals stealing a bottle of alcohol.

"It makes me angry because prices are going to go up, " said shopper Judy Rudy. "I don't need that."

So far, nobody has stepped up to take credit for the store vandalism.

If you recognize any of the people in the video, call Phoenix or Tempe police.

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