Parents push for a bald Barbie Doll

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - "It can happen to anyone so whycan't it happen to Barbie," said Cancer survivor Sharon Kelley.

At 52, Barbie has done it all. From salsadancing to paleontology there's nothing the doll can't do. Now, a group of parentswants to add Cancer survivor to her persona.

"As a cancer survivor I love thisconcept," said Kelley.

An online movement is pushing Mattel to createa Barbie battling cancer. Her name, the "Beautiful and Bald Barbie."

"For kids in particular theconcept of a doll that kind of matches them may be very useful," said Dr.Sid Roberts M.D. of Memorial Medical Center.

Supporters argue the doll would be anuplifting spokesperson for kids affected by cancer.

"Whether it's the children goingthrough it or they see their mother on their grandmother going through it, Ithink it's a wonderful way to look on the beautiful side of it," said Kelley.

Toy maker Mattel isn't saying much about theidea.

The company released this statement --"We receive hundreds of passionate requests for various dolls to be addedto our collection."

Mattel goes on to say they support manychildren's organizations and needs through philanthropic work.

So far, more than 100-thousand on Facebookfeel the doll is needed. Their fan page features pictures of young girlsbattling cancer.

It seems like big girls and littlegirls are always concerned about losing their hair in our society today that athing of beauty," said Kelley,

Survivors like Sharon Kelley say a bald Barbiewould show girls they are still beautiful.

"This would be a way for childrenwith cancer to realize that they're still beautiful and they're still are gunnabe a princess," said Kelley.

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