Social Media becoming influential to local businesses

Millions of users sign on daily to check messages, look for events coming up, and just to look at others' pictures.

Social media has become a large influence in today's society.

"Social media can be a necessary evil," said Martha Keely, director of technology for Workforce Solutions.

Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace are just a few of the many sites that link millions of users daily.

Social media is an outlet many East Texans have jumped on board to participate in.

Humane Society director, Tim Alvey, says connecting animals with good homes wouldn't be nearly as successful if it weren't for facebook.

"You know, I've learned that it's a great tool, not only for personal use, but to expand your business," said Alvey.

Alvey says Facebook allows him to convey necessary information to his customers.

"Social media seems to be one of the better things and better ways, and hey, it's free," said Alvey.

"The availability of good information and communicating that in a timely manner is probably one of the greatest benefits," said Keely.

Keely says while Facebook and Social Media can be beneficial, users should always remain cautious of the information they post.

"You're reaching a larger audience, which can be both good and bad," said Keely.

Keely says the information shared with others on the web is always public and many times permanent.

This is the same information employers many times look at when they're hiring.

"Just be aware of the content that you put out. Employers are looking. Schools are looking," said Keely.

Social media can be quick and easy to use, and in many ways has changed the way we communicate and the way live our everyday lives.

The power of change influenced by the click of a button.

Alvey says many of his adoptions come from customers who notice the animals posted on their facebook page.

In the coming months, he plans to expand his social media use to Twitter and Linked-in.

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