Restaurant Report - Angelina - 1/19/12

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Vasquez Restaurant (El Jaripeo) @ 589 N. Main St., Huntington: 36 demerits for reduce food mass before putting in the walk-in cooler, raw meat at room temperature, foods not warm enough, raw meat needs to be stored on the bottom shelf of the cooler.

Mexico Express @ 1603 W. Frank Ave.: 31 demerits for improper temperatures, personal items being stored with food, clean under equipment, don't store shrimp in standing water.

Bullritos @ 4505 Medford Dr. Ste. 213: 20 demerits for cleaning needed under counter and beer cooler, paper towels and hand sanitizer needed at hand sink, toxic items being stored with single service items.

Dickey's BBQ @ 4001 S. Medford Ste. 300: 11 demerits for single service items being stored in the bathroom, dirty racks in walk-in cooler need cleaning, personal items being stored with food, repair ice machine.

Five Guys Burgers & Fries @ 4505 S. Medford Dr. Ste. 301: 0 demerits

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