Nacogdoches County officials anticipate opening Lake Naconiche by summer

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - "It's been a long long process," said Nacogdoches County Judge Joe English.

But in the coming months, officials plan to open Lake Naconiche to the community. Saturday, divers from diver's depot are installing buoys on in the water, one of the last steps necessary before opening.

"We were hoping for this project completion, and we're there now," said E.K. Sowell of Diver's Depot.

The lake has been in the works, we're told, since the Lyndon B. Johnson administration allocated money for watershed and flooding issues in East Texas.

"There's been a lot of setbacks that's happened over 30 years," said English.

Decades later, county officials are now seeing the finish line.

"You know, funding has never been the issue. It's just trying to meet compliance and regulations," said English.

The lake is designed to be a multi-purpose solution to water flooding.

"It'll be a valuable resource for the area. The main purpose is to identify reservoir for flood prevention and recreation," said District Conservationist of the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Al Schmidt.

"It catches water during the times when it is wet. And then, it slowly releases that water all during the year, so you have a more consistent flow," said English.

In the end, this project is also expected to benefit the tourism industry in the county as well.

"I think this is a real exciting opportunity from the standpoint of tourism in Nacogdoches because the way this works is divers are a very loyal group of people. And, they commute often, great distances," said Sowell.

Texas Parks and Wildlife have already stocked the lake with various fish species. They plan to open Lake Naconiche for fishing on September 1st.

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