ETX storage warrior shares her thrifty secrets

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - "My husband came home one day and said I'm going to die with my hands behind the steering wheel," said storage warrior, Lesa Lewis.

Only seeing her truck driver husband one day a month turned Lesa Lewis' hobby into a way to make a living.

"We'd go to the auctions bring it home and we'd sell it out of the storage units on weekends. Like a little garage sale," said Lewis.

She's made a name for herself in Houston County, selling odds and ends.

The queen of Crockett consignment stores prefers a different nickname, "The Boss."

You quickly learn why, as one of the stars of A&E's new hit show "Storage Wars: Texas."

Lewis travels across Texas, bidding on the contents of abandoned storage units.

"Buy as cheap as possible and have people get nice things for a little amount," said Lewis.

The treasures inside get a second chance on the shelves of her store, Again and Again Resale.

Lewis says she's bought units for 5 dollars and turned it, into hundreds.

"Hundreds, thousands it just depends. It's like winning the lottery," said Lewis.

The auctions are simple, bid on what you see, without digging around.

"Antiques to jewelry to collectibles, they lift up the doors, you look at what's right in front of you and you bid accordingly," said Lewis.

Sometimes a hunch is all you have. Lewis once spent 26-hundred dollars on a unit filled with old furniture. She had no idea how quickly she'd cash-in.

"I got a Giorgio Armani jacket and its over there with a five thousand dollar tag on it," said Lewis.

"You might find a dresser that is turned around with no drawers and you're bidding on a dresser with no drawers so that's good firewood," said Lewis.

Lewis is proof, the greater the risk, the greater the reward. Lewis is known for chasing down tips on hot auctions, but says the most she'll travel is 150 miles one way.

She'll know later this year if they will return for more episodes of Storage Wars: Texas.

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