Nacogdoches organization nearing 15,000 designated rides

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Driving Jacks founder Amy Shields was in the midst of forming the safe ride home program when she was hit and killed by a drunk driver. SFA students have done well in fulfilling Shields' dream of giving the ride of life.

"This weekend we will hit our 15,000th life-saved milestone," said Brett Bailey, the Driving Jacks director of sponsor relations.

Bailey goes after community sponsorships and grants to support a $27,000 budget. Without the funds there would be no Driving Jacks.

"We have to turn around and pay our insurance, pay our phone bills, pay Enterprise for our cars," Bailey said.

Driving Jacks uses around four Enterprise rental cars to drive callers home on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

"Last semester we gave 160 (rides) and the next we gave 163," Bailey said.

The number of calls vary depending on the party action.

"Company Christmas parties, they can rent us out and we'll be here all night and when someone needs us, we'll take 'em home," Bailey said.

Each time Driving Jacks holds to their non-judgmental commitment.

"We don't check Id's to make sure you're 21," Bailey said. "If you're underage drinking we won't report you to the police or anything. We won't check your student ID to make sure you're a student because we do give rides to people in the community too."

Driving Jacks says it's all about keeping the students and streets safe.

Driving Jacks is planning to host 5K fun run this spring.

You can learn how to register and more about the program at

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