Corrigan to hold special council session to determine future of police chief

CORRIGAN, TX (KTRE) - One city council member is taking the Corrigan Police Chief to task, calling for his job.

"It was like a circus basically," said Corrigan Councilwoman, Johnna Lowe.

Tuesday night's Corrigan City Council meeting did little to quiet the concerns of a crowd of 60 people.

"It was a very stressful, tense night," said Corrigan business owner, Susan Torrez.

Even council members are divided over the future of Police Chief Ray Stubbs.

Not even a year in office, Stubs' job is already up for discussion.

"We need leadership we have not had this problem in the past when we had good leadership," said Lowe.  Councilwoman Johnna Lowe is leading an effort to remove the chief. She put the issue on the meeting agenda.

"Several racial issues had been brought up over the past several months, vulgar language. There is just a lack of supervisorial management," said Lowe.

Mayor Robert Johnson told the Corrigan Times that no formal complaints have been filed against Stubbs.

Business owner Susan Torrez doesn't think there's any truth to Lowe's claims.

"I believe they've done a good job. We recognize that our town seems to be running a lot more smoothly. We feel comfortable in town," said Torrez.

Stubbs left the meeting keeping his job, but a special council session on Saturday will could settle the matter for good.

After a stressful city council meetingTuesday night, Corrigan residents hoped for some answers at Saturday's specialsession.

Firingthe current Police Chief Ray Stubbs was on the agenda, an item that has been on the agenda beforebut has yet to be settled.

It was standing room only at the meeting. Many came outto show their support for Stubbs.

However four council members missedthe meeting, including Johnna Lowe, the council woman who called for thespecial session.  Because there was no quorum themeeting had to be cancelled.

"Who better than meto address what these people have been charged with, it's been my duty to keepthe record books for our city employees so I'm here to fight for all of us, notjust you for everybody," said Thelma Stanford, City of Corrigan Secretary.

Residents decided to stickaround and voice their opinions to each other. The issue won't be brought upagain until the council's next scheduled meeting in February.

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