Non-traditional additive to medical treatment comes to ETX

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - It all starts with a peaceful spirit, mind, and body.

"Wouldn't it be wonderful to live in a world where we all feel great?" said Margie Phillips, Holistic Practitioner at The Giving Light Holistic Health Center.

Margie Phillips is the founder of The Giving Light Holistic Health Center. Daily, she works to heal by channeling positive energies through the body.

"When I am well, you're well. When I am well, you can be well," said Phillips.

Phillips says holistic healing does not take the place of your physician. It's an additive to help heal more naturally. The center provides counseling, hypnosis, and other forms of non-traditional treatment.

"If you are ill, and you're under physician's care, stay with that physician. Allow that physician to assist you and help you. And, ask them to allow you to participate in your own care through a more natural way," said Phillips.

Holistic healing is growing in popularity among people choosing to take an active role in their health.

"I'm searching for a way to live a very active, healthy 100 years on the planet," said client Michelle Mitzi-Rusk.

Phillips calls it an in-depth, spiritual way to mend the body. One of her clients, Michelle Mitzi-Rusk came to the center for more personalized attention.

"A prayerful place of healing without any criticism or just a safe, trusting healing place. That's where healing really occurs. Healing occurs in a place of trust and complete unconditional love," said Mitzi-Rusk.

The concept of holistic healing is taking root in East Texas, the idea that balance between mind and body can create a more complete and healthy society.

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