LPD Officer Libby Parish retiring after 22 years

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Police officer Libby Parish crossed the thin blue line to join the ranks of the Lufkin Police Department almost 22-and-a-half years ago.  On Friday afternoon, she returned to the civilian ranks becoming the first female officer to retire from LPD.

Officer Parish is one of only a handful of women who have dunned the blue uniform.  She is known for her firm but fair attitude and her talent for mediation.  Her husband, David Parish is also an officer, having worked for both the Angelina County Sheriff's office and LPD.  They have a son, Kyle.

With her family by her side, her sister Mary Foster among them, she was honored by her supervisors and co-workers.  She will be issued her service weapon, which is a new policy for LPD.

In addition, many gifts, cards, plaques and her retirement badge were bestowed upon this respected officer.  Fellow officer Randy Stallard was even compelled to put to song his thoughts of her retirement.  It was a celebration that brought her to tears. "I'm going to miss these guys.  They're my brothers, some of them are like my son.  They're family (pause) and I'll stand here and cry again (smile)," Parish said tearfully.

Parish plans to take some time off to enjoy not having to report for work before dawn every morning.  However, her family speculates she will be back working somewhere before too long.

You can learn more about Libby Parish in February on KTRE's East Texas News and here at KTRE.com.  Look for Tina Alexander's special 'Somebody's Got To Do It' reports.  The topic is Women in Uniform and officer Parish will be one of those featured.

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