Residents are just weeks away from receiving tax refund checks

Tax deadline is April 17th this year, because the 15th falls on a Sunday
Tax deadline is April 17th this year, because the 15th falls on a Sunday

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Tax time is here.

Preparers are staying busy completing tax forms for customers who are primarily wanting a refund.

And meeting your obligation to the federal government now takes a matter of minutes.

The first reminder tax season is here are those costumed mascots.

The second indicator is the wait for your W-2 forms.

"The deadline is the 31st. They're supposed to have all W-2's mailed to by January 31st," said Franchesca Gipson, Liberty Tax District Manager.

And the third sign tax season is here is tax preparer chains coping with filled waiting rooms.    

"I think we have been slammed," said Gipson.

Incentives, like $50 cash at this place, gets a few in the door.

The other draw is the refund.

"The average is about $6000-plus," said Gipson.

That's good news for Sirena Garrett, even though she's not too happy how her refund will be used.

"Bills. I use it for bills," said Garrett.

Customers are encouraged to bring their W-2's and other important tax records, such as property and auto tax statements.

Overall the tax laws have changed little.

"They're able to claim three dependents, as you were last year and they're still giving the education credit for the students up to a $1,000 refundable credit. And also, the government is not giving that $400 make it work pay credit this year, so that makes the refunds look a little bit different, but other than that, everything is basically the same," said Gipson.

Tax preparers can work faster which makes the customer and Uncle Sam happy.

Don't forget, the tax deadline has been extended two days to April 17th.

The 15th is on a Sunday, followed by Emancipation Day.

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