Local chef shows seniors how to eat healthy and still stay on budget

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - As food prices go up, eating healthier seems to be drifting down.

And for senior citizens trying to eat right it can put a strain on the pocket book.

Dining on a dime. Dollar menus at most fast food chains make it easy.

But if you're over the age of 50 and concerned about your health fast food isn't going to cut it.

"A healthy diet is important no matter what age you are it's a struggle with fast food and things that we enjoy but when you are cooking at home you are able to do a better job of preparing foods in a healthy way," said Gay Ippolito, Senior Circle member.

According to the Meals on Wheels Association of America, roughly 11 % of senior citizens in the United States do not know where their next meal will come from.

This afternoon Woodland Heights Medical Center  is showing it's Senior Circle how to eat healthier with less.

"Our exercise class is very popular and there was a request on hey I exercise during the day but when I get home what can I do to help benefit the exercise," said Christie Maddux, Senior Circle director.

A cookbook filled with healthy options, from honey baked chicken to Greek yogurt parfaits maps out the way to keep food healthy and exciting.

"We always try to be creative with simple ingredients and you have a lot of fun with really simple stuff," said Justin Kezar, owner of Grandough Baking Company.

"He will show you how to take ordinary green beans and asparagus and chicken and really add a lot of flavor without adding the cost," said Maddux.

Nutritionist Amy McLeod says there are options available to fit everyone's need even if you have to stretch your dollar.

"They say it costs too much to buy fresh vegetables the thing is you really don't have to buy fresh, you can buy canned, you can buy frozen, you can buy what's on sale," said McLeod.

But its about finding what's right for you.

"You can make healthy substitutions and you can tailor the recipes to just for what your dietary needs are," said McLeod.

Chef Kezar cooked a few of the cookbook recipes at today's event, and everyone who came out got a sample.

The Senior Circle host several activities throughout the year, including exercise classes and line dancing.

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