Strep Outbreak

A wave of strep throat has hit East Texas, keeping many people away from work and sick in bed.

Thomas Gros of Tyler is finally back at work after taking a few days off because of strep throat.

"It was pretty bad. I would say as bad as they get," explains Thomas.

He says working was impossible because he was in so much pain.

"You can't concentrate on anything I couldn't swallow, my throat was hurting real bad, and it just turned into a head ache."

Doctors say when strep throat hits you, it can knock you out.

"Strep can make you feel really rotten," says Dr. Stroupe.

Dr. Ernest Stroupe says strep throat is a common bacteria infection.

"We see it year round, 12 months out of the year, almost 365 days of the year," the doctor explains.

Anyone can get it, and it can be easily passed along to co-workers who share a desk, phone, even a computer. Dr. Stroupe says you can protect yourself from it.

"Best thing to do is wash your hands. Second thing, don't eat or drink after others."

If you do get strep, the only thing you can do to get over it, is see your doctor and get on antibiotics. Thomas also offers this advice for a speedy recovery.

"Stay home, you just don't want to be around work with that," he says.

Some people do not have symptoms when they have strep throat. These people can spread strep to others for two to three weeks after they have become infected. More commonly, most people with strep have at least one or more of the following symptoms:

      Sore, red and swollen throat

      Fever ad headache

      Whitish-yellow patches or blisters in the back of your throat or on your tonsils

      Tender, swollen lumps on the sides of your neck or jaw.