Restaurant Report - Angelina - 2/2/12

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Cafe Del Rio Restaurant @ 1901 South First St.: 22 demerits for improper temperatures, under equipment needs cleaning, foods being stored on the floor, hot water needed in bar area, toxic items stored with food, leak at hand sink, grill bush being stored on floor, and food grade cutting board needed.
Casa Ole @ 2115 South First St.: 10 demerits for end caps needed for lights in grill area, under equipment needs cleaning, hole in the wall behind prep area needs to be fixed, leaks at 2 compartment sinks, damaged cutting board, and food grade containers needed.
Gammie's Pizza @ 188 Highway 147, Zavalla: 7 demerits for food and food storage containers being stored on the floor, ice machine needs cleaning and ice scoop needs to be stored properly.
Massingill Meat Market @ 3728 Highway 69 North: 0 demerits
Little Gals @ Highway 69 and 147, Zavalla: 0 demerits