'Geronimo' returns to Lufkin for 49th birthday, gets arrested

Douglas McCoy mug shot courtesy of Angelina County Jail.
Douglas McCoy mug shot courtesy of Angelina County Jail.

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A former Angelina County man followed through on a promise to return to Lufkin to try to pitch a tent at the sheriff's office. However, law enforcement officers were on the scene to keep it from happening and arrest the man who calls himself, "PasDoctor Geronimo."

Douglas Paul McCoy, now 49 and from Belville, was arrested on a criminal trespass charge after Sheriff Kent Henson said he refused to leave the property.

McCoy emailed Henson and members of the media announcing many intentions, including a run for president of the United States and to return to Angelina County to pitch a tent on the sheriff's office lawn. He invited several specific women he had met in passing to join him for a celebration of his 49th birthday, including "a blond with wavy hair and a brunet side kick.   Both seen standing side by side at the Academy store in Lufkin TX approximately a year ago.  The blond noticed my attention directed towards her natural beauty and stated to her female companion 'he looked at me'.  What a beautiful site her and her friend bestowed upon me."

In the email, McCoy named himself "PasDoctor Geronimo," a member of the Cherokee Indian Nation.

"Geronimo wasn't even a Cherokee, he was an Apache," Henson said.

Henson said he was waiting for McCoy at the office when he arrived with a tent and bicycle and wearing a Superman T-shirt, feather earring and war paint.

Henson said he explained to McCoy that he could not stay at the courthouse or anywhere in Lufkin with a tent. He offered to take him somewhere else to stay, but McCoy refused.

"I told him happy birthday and shook his hand," Henson said. "And I offered to take him somewhere. But he wanted to stay there. I said, 'Look, this ain't Burger King, you can't have it your way.'"

Henson said deputies arrested McCoy on the criminal trespass charge after talking to him for about 20 minutes.

Henson said the "blond with wavy hair" nor any other women showed up at the courthouse to celebrate McCoy's birthday.

"He's just looking for media attention," Henson said.

McCoy first received that attention in August after deputies say he was high on K2 and stripped naked for them during a wellness check on FM 1475. After McCoy bonded out of jail, he allegedly threatened the deputy who arrested him, saying he wanted his K2 back. Deputies walked him right back into the jail on a retaliation charge.

He was arrested again in December after he refused to quit camping at the courthouse the first time.

With officers present, a judge told McCoy to remove his tent from the property but McCoy refused to and shouted profanities and became aggressive toward the judge and others, according to the report.

The officers took McCoy into custody, but he refused to give them his name, saying his name was Geronimo, that he was a Cherokee indian and that he "forgot his white man's name and date of birth."

McCoy claims to be a former law enforcement officer. Henson said he could not confirm that, but has just recently began committing crimes. It seems he is angry about how a divorce was handled, Henson said.

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