Fuller Springs neighborhood stuck in a "muddy mess"

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - "I don't care, you know, what they do. I just want to get home," said Fuller Springs resident, Chuck Philp.

Chuck Philp is one of few people who can actually drive down Fuller Springs Drive. That's only because he has a 4 wheel drive. Overnight, he rescued his wife and daughter from a muddy mess created by construction.

"It's costing me money at work. We're not able to get to work on time. And, I've got 10 employees that work for me. And, we've got things to do that we just can't get done because of I think very poor planning," said Philp.

Despite forecasted rain, utility officials and contractors took a gamble Thursday, pulling up the roadway and spreading dirt. It's a part of a street expansion project to help traffic flow through the neighborhood. Instead, residents say it's doing the opposite, creating a nightmare.

"Next time, we're just going to have to pay a little bit more attention and make sure we cut deeper ditches on the side of the road, so we can get the water off quicker," said City of Lufkin Director of Public Utilities, Chuck Walker.

This messy situation affects more than 20 residents on 2 different streets, forcing them to make the decision, either stay at home or brave the mud.

"A lot of older people live on our streets that really can't go anywhere, you know. They're just trapped," said Philp.

The City of Lufkin and contractors say they know this, working as quickly as possible. Their advice, avoid Fuller Springs if you don't live there.

"The more traffic you put on a wet road, the worse it's going to become," said Philp.

The longer it takes, the more tension thickens, just like the muddy muck.

"Almost getting stuck every morning is just really aggravating," said Fuller Springs resident, Dennis Kilgore.

Crews laid wooden crates down Friday afternoon to help cars get across the mud easier. As long as no more rainfall comes, crews plan to start wrapping the project up on Monday.

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