SFA Honor Students do taxes for free

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - SFA honor students arefinding a different way to give back to the community by doing your taxes forfree!

This weekend kicked offthe first of many weekends for free tax help at the Nacogdoches Public Library.  All of the students doing the returns areaccounting, finance or information systems majors at SFA. Their servicesconsist of low-income returns, with the cap being 50 thousand dollars.

"It felt good to beable to reach back and help out because a lot of people can't afford to pay anaccountant who charges a lot of money to be able to do it, so it feels goodthat we're helping people and giving back money to the community," saidJay Camp, Vice President, VITA.

So far the group has done20 returns in the first weekend of the program. They will continue to offer theirservices every weekend in February, the last weekend in March and the firstweekend of April.

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