2 Angelina deputies stops yield 13 illegal immigrants over weekend

Denis Nelasco mug shot courtesy of Angelina County Jail.
Denis Nelasco mug shot courtesy of Angelina County Jail.

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Two Angelina County traffic stops over the weekend ended with deputies taking 13 illegal immigrants into custody.

Lt. Pete Cooper said a deputy conducted a traffic stop on a Ford Expedition at 11:30 a.m. Sunday after the driver failed to give a turn signal. The deputy reported that the passengers lied down in the seats to hide from him.

The deputy said nobody in the vehicle could speak English and an interpreter with Lufkin Police came on the scene to interview them. Cooper said they all gave conflicting stories and the deputy arrested them on charges of not wearing seatbelts. The driver, Denis Orlando Nolasco-Muricia, 18, is charged with failure to maintain financial responsibility and driving without a license.

An I.C.E. official said to keep them in the jail until he could interview them on Monday, Cooper said.

Arrested were Nolasco-Muricia; Luis Edgardo Amaya, 22; Junior Esteban Bueso Bueso, 32; Ruben Callejas, 27; and Kelvin Delsi Gavara, 23.

Cooper said the first stop over the weekend came at 11 p.m. on Saturday on U.S. 59 South, when a deputy stopped a Nissan Pathfinder for speeding. The occupants gave conflicting stories but the report states one man, Roger Mejia, 22, admitted he was being paid to take them to Atlanta. Eight people were taken into custody.

The names and ages of the eight were Mejia, Angel Raul Mencia, 24; Mariano Zarate, 23; Rubin Dario Arredonda-Espreneda, 28; Estelle Collins, 35; Esmeralda Gonzales, 27; Pablo Benitez, 27; and Olvin Melgar, 22.

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