Angelina College students take unsafe measures for a quick meal

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Angelina College students do it every day, darting across highway 59 on foot to grab lunch.

"It's understandable if you want something different, it's also quite crazy to risk your life for a hamburger," said Angelina College student Brandy Green.

"During just like the lunch periods, its just hard to get back to your spot that your wanting," said Tyler Williams, Angelina College student.

They're taking a major risk, just to avoid losing prime parking spots.

Only two years ago, student Brandon Hart was killed crossing the highway to get a book from his apartment.

Angelina College Vice President Patricia McKenzie says students are more concerned with their immediate needs.

"Well I just need something from McDonald's oh yes I know I already ate but I wanted something different," said McKenzie.

McKenzie says the campus cafeteria offers the same options. Still, students are chasing lower costs across the street.

"They think it's others, it won't happen to them," said McKenzie.

Knowing that students have been killed on 59 is enough to make Heather Hudson cross in her car.

It's such a big problem they can't focus on one situation if they would make rules I don't know if they would be followed," said Hudson.

Even college administrators admit they have no way of enforcing the rule.

"We don't anticipate that we will try to put up fences of signs of anything that will physically deter them. We are hoping that they will listen and they will understand what can happen," said McKenzie.

"People are still going to find a way to sneak across. If you want food, you're going to get some food," said Green.

For now, Angelina College can only rely on word of mouth and hope students will act as adults and weigh the odds.

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