Police Warn of Water Quality Scam

"We're just going around the area warning you about people posing as city employees, wanting to check water quality,"  Lt. Greg Denman warned Lufkin residents as he walked door to door.

It's not a city employee, it's someone who wants to separate you from your money and your possessions.

"People would come in to the home, run the water into a vial, shake it up and then say your water is bad, you need a filter and sell them a filter a real exorbitant amount. So we're not sure if it has to do something with that or just the simple being in the home looking over seeing things that they might be able to come back and burglarize or take things at that time," explained Denman.

"It's not the city. If it is a city employee, they should be in a city vehicle with a city logo on the side with the department underneath the logo with number identifying which truck that is. They should also have a picture ID badge," added Lufkin Public Works Director Keith Wright.

This possible scam involves the testing of water quality. Now, if your city municipality were conducting these types of tests, they would do all the work outside. So there is no reason for a worker to go inside your home. Even if a city employee does ask to come into your home, by law, you do not have to let them in. If you're worried about your safety, or think it might be a scam, just call the city or your local law enforcement to check it out before you become a victim.