A Note about Severe Weather in East Texas from Chief Meteorologist Lee Ringer

Although severe weather can happen any time of the year, it happens more often during the spring months in East Texas. As we enter the peak of severe weather season, now is a good time to make sure you are prepared to survive the storm. From tornadoes to severe thunderstorms to flash floods, our part of the country can experience several different types of severe weather. It is important that you know about these different types of dangerous weather and that you know what to do to keep you and your family safe.

During Severe Weather Awareness Week, KTRE will share information on severe weather and how you can stay safe. You can see these tips each night on the East Texas News at 5 and the East Texas News Nightcast. You can also find more information right here at our website at ktre.com.

I urge you take a few moments out of your schedule this week to think about severe weather preparedness. Do you have a plan in case severe weather threatens while you are at home? What if you are asleep at night? What if you are caught outside? Do you know what to do?

You can always count on KTRE TV 9 to keep you updated with the most accurate forecast for the Deep East Texas region. When severe weather threatens the area, you will see the latest severe weather advisories issued by the National Weather Service directly on your TV screen. If life threatening weather affects the area, we will break into programming and provide you with the latest weather information from the Live Doppler 9 Weather Center.

We also provide several other services through our website to keep you informed. Our Weather 9 Personal Forecast will provide you instant severe weather alerts by e-mail in addition to an hour by hour forecast and daily e-mails from the KTRE Weather Team.

KTRE 24/7 Alert is a unique service that will scroll any severe weather watches and warnings for our area right on your computer desktop as long as you are connected to the internet. 24/7 Alert is a free download from ktre.com

You may also be interested in signing up for our Weather 9 Thundercall service. Thundercall will call your home phone or cell phone anytime a tornado warning, a severe thunderstorm warning, or a flash flood warning is issued for your county. You can find more information on our website at ktre.com.

Severe weather in East Texas can be dangerous and even deadly. If you take a few moments this week to review your severe weather safety rules, you may just save your life and the life of your loved ones the next time dangerous weather threatens our region.