Young Women Expand Their Horizons

What should I be when I grow up? It's a question that most middle school students haven't found an answer for, but thanks to the American Association for University Women, these young women know they have options.

"Most of us are aware that girls tend to not go into certain fields, or feel a little bit reluctant perhaps, so we're trying to let them be aware of so many things that are out there in the world that they might consider doing," said Dr. Louise Stoehr, Modern Language Professor.

This morning the Expand Your Horizons conference gave more than 300 girls from sixth through eighth grade a lot to consider. Career women from dozens of science and technology fields gave them an up close and hands-on look at the possibilities. Organizers say they hope the girls can walk away inspired.

"We hope the girls will learn about a different career, whether it's in geology, in chemistry, in veterinarian. They will learn about something they don't know anything about. So we hope they will take away different career opportunities for them in the future," said Carol Thomson, co-chairperson of the Expand Your Horizons conference.

Many say the students aren't the only ones taking something away from the conference.

"I've given them something but they have also given me an insight into their lives and they've given me this hope and this excitement that they have in them that: yes, we are really helping build good leaders for tomorrow."