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Gift of Love: Quancell

It was a fun game of bowling as Quancell and I tried to roll a strike or even a spare.  This 14 year old wants to be adopted and longs to have a family to call his own.  Quancell loves playing football and is motivated by it.  
"Football, kick the ball in the yard. Play catch," Quancell said.

He also likes baseball.  As for school, Quancell makes all A's and B's.

"My favorite subject is science or reading," Quancell said.
Quancell says while he is good at math, it's his least favorite subject.  He does require close supervision and can get frustrated easily.  However, he is learning to control his emotions and he is getting along better with his peers. 

This 8th grader also likes to draw and play video games. 

"I like X Box 360 and PS3. I like to play Basketball 2012, Madden 2012," Quancell said.

Quancell is also learning about responsibility and discipline by showing horses.  As for his future, Quancell likes the idea of being a firefighter, police officer or maybe, 

"FBI or something but now maybe I'd be an investigator," Quancell said.

Quancell wants a family that is active and on the go.  He also says he wants to go on a family vacation.

"I've always wanted to go to Jamaica," Quancell said.

When it comes to Quancell's three wishes, he focuses on family.

"My first wish I wish for me and my sister to be back together. My second wish is that I be somewhere that I want to be and safe. And my third wish something that can help. I wish something that will help people that help me. So I can help them back," Quancell said.

He sees his younger sister every holiday and it's important to him to keep that relationship.

His adoption coordinator says the ideal family for Quancell would be a loving, Christian family with a mother and father who is willing to commit and self-sacrifice to teach, train, and model appropriate life skills.  

"I just want a family that wants me in their home and loves me," Quancell said.

A family that will show Quancell the Gift of Love.

If you'd like to know more about Quancell call our Gift of Love hotline, Toll-Free, 1-888-KIDS-275.

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