Iridology: The Eyes Are A Window To The Soul

by Michelle Mortensen

It's been said the eyes are the windows of the soul, but can they tell how healthy you are? Some people are turning to special iris screenings for a glimpse into the health of the rest of their bodies.

Every day for Tonda Curry is a busy day. She's a criminal defense lawyer, and she's always working on a case. But recently, her high-stress job started taking a toll on her body.

"I constantly felt tired all the time. It was hard for me to get out of bed in the morning, " she explains.

So, Tonda visited Diana Bragg at Bee Natural Health Store for help. Diana said she could find out what was going on with Tonda's health just by looking at her eyes. It's a science called iridology.

"It's a tool to know your body's blueprint, to determine weak areas in the body," says Diana.

She says everyone's iris has different shapes, colors and patters, and those differences are windows to the rest of your body.

"The iris is connected to the body by the optic nerve. The optic nerve is connected to the brain and the brain is connected by nerve endings to all parts of the body," says Diana.

After taking a close picture of Tonda's eyes and examining them with a special lens, Diana says Tonda's health history came into focus.

"Your eye says you have a predisposition to blood disorders," says Diana during the exam.

Diana told Tonda her eyes said she also has a family history of kidney problems, something Tonda knew was true. Diana also said her eyes said a lot about Tonda's personality.

"My eyes say I am very intense," says Tonda with a laugh. She agrees.

Tonda says the information her eyes revealed was accurate and made her a believer. Her eyes even told Diana why she was tired, and in a few weeks the problem was fixed.

"I feel much better since I started seeing Diana," claims Tonda.

You can learn more about iridology by calling Bee Natural at 903-592-7494. An appointment will cost $44.