Poultry Industry's Future Effected by Bird Flu

The bird flu has been diagnosed no where close to Lufkin, but it's something that is a concern of the Angelina County Youth Fair Board.

"We had a meeting and decided to do everything that we could to protect, essentially the poultry industry in this area and make sure we've done everything we can do from getting up here or spreading if it's here," said Todd Kassaw, Angelina County Youth Fair, Chairman.

The Broiler Show has been moved to next Monday, March 4, other livestock won't be shown until two days later to ensure the most sanitary conditions.

"We moved the Broiler show to Monday so they wouldn't have any other contact with other animals. Once the kids have shown their broilers they'll go home and change clothes and wash up and come back on Wednesday for the rest of the show," added Kassaw.

Kassaw sees the schedule change not only as a safety precaution, but an educational tool for the industry's future.

"It probably changes at least what they're talking about today. I think the poultry industry in this are and nationwide as always taking precaution from disease developing and/or spreading," said Kassaw.

But the flu won't effect what the County Youth Fair is all about, rewarding the students for their hard work. Although the chickens will not be present, the auction on Friday night, will proceed as scheduled.